SOLA 3 electronic locks are ideally suited for both new and retrofit applications where a cam lock would normally be used such as locker doors, cabinets and drawers.  The SOLA 3 is stylish, highly-featured and competitively priced to offer great value for money.  Its style and aesthetics compliments any modern furniture being used for front of house applications, be it in a corporate setting, healthcare, leisure or hospitality.  SOLA 3 helps secure confidential company information, stock or personal belongings with ease by eliminating key management problems and enhancing overall user experience.  Benefits include reduction in facilities management cost and greater efficiency and control of storage units. 


Using existing third party custom plugs and locking mechanisms, SOLA locks can easily retrofit existing mechanical cam locks on furniture, cabinets and lockers to eliminate use of mechanical keys whilst retaining the existing furniture to save both capital and operating cost and increasing efficiency, access control and management. Retrofitting can be achieved by following a 3-step replacement process.   

3-Step Retrofit Process

Remove core from existing mechanical lock, place manufacturers' specific plug inside of lock cylinder, and secure Sola with two mounting screws.  Current compatible third party locks are shown below.

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