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Orbit, part of Digilock's Numeris range is the newest multi-directional RFID locking solution. Featuring a sleek, "barely there" user interface, Orbit is a versatile, all-in-one security system that simplifies storage security.

Clean, streamlined and easy-to-use, Digilock’s latest entry for secured personal storage is as minimalist as it is effortless. Orbit’s locking mechanisms function as either shared or assigned use, giving you flexibility for both open and private work environments.

Enjoy the benefits of touch-free RFID technology for a more efficient workflow—safety with a subtle footprint.

Key Product Features
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  • Wireless connectivity through BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)

  • Capacitive wake for touchless operation

  • Visual and audible indicators

  • Key insert available in black or white

  • Multi-directional locking mechanism

  • Advanced auto unlock option

  • ADA compliant

Orbit Deadlatch
Operating Mode
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Curve shared use
Management System
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Aspire Management Systen
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Meet DigiLink, the latest advancement in network management systems from Digilock. Building upon our legacy of industry-leading personal secured storage, DigiLink lets you manage your facility and users from anywhere - giving you the tools you need to keep your organisation Safe and Sound.


Security at Your Fingertips
DigiLink is built on Digilock’s time-tested security architecture and leverages the power of a network application to provide helpful tools to remotely manage the system.

  • Review dashboard for ultimate visibility, responsiveness and reporting

  • Assign an unlimited amount of user and manager credentials

  • Built-in RFID reader compatible with 13.56 MHz RFID Standards - iClass, Felica, Legic, HID SEOS, DESfire, and Mifare

      ISO 14443A • ISO 14443B • ISO 15693

  • Audit trail and usage data analytics reports

  • Low battery indicator alerts

  • Allows scheduled auto-unlock

  • Remotely manage users for set up and access

  • Remotely program lock functionality. Set up for shared or assigned use

  • Remote manager override/ unlock

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