Through its continuous innovation over the past 35 years, Digilock is recognised as the global leader in the design and manufacturing of high-performance electronic lock solutions. Innovation, expertise, and patented technologies are the key factors that contribute to Digilock’s success.

Founded in 1981 and headquartered in California, Digilock continues to innovate since delivering the first electronic lock for personal storage in 1992. Today the Digilock brand encompasses multiple lock and locker products for virtually every environment, application, and budget.

The Digilock product range includes:

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Designed for Health and Fitness, Education, and Pro Sports

Next Locks by Digilock are designed for use on Lockers, Cabinets and Furniture to provide effective and efficient management of your locker room for day use and rental lockers, or a combination of both. A simple user-interface, featuring either keypad or RFID credential, and bold aesthetics elevate the locker room experience in any facility.  A Next product range offer a variety of locking mechanisms for both new and retrofit installations.


Designed for Workspace, Healthcare, Hospitality, Retail,
Manufacturing, and Government

Numeris by Digilock offers advanced functionality through special firmware for a flexible management system that increases security in the workplace. A variety of available finishes and body-styles enhance the aesthetics of any furniture, cabinet or locker while keypad or RFID interface allows for seamless operation across a facility.

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Designed for Hospitality and Leisure

4th Generation

Digilock 4th Generation locks are the precursor of the Next and Numeris range.  It offers basic functionality and is sold primarily as spares for replacements and expansions of existing systems. We also provide a maintenance and repair service for these locks.  Please contact our support team for more information.    

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Designed for Hospitality and Leisure

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The Legacy locks are obsolete, but can still be found working in hundreds of applications globally.  Whilst officially they are no longer supported, we are able to service and repair some units.  Please contact our support team for more information

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The Digilock range of electronic and mechanical locks can be used on wooden, metal and composite lockers, cabinets and furniture to provide greater control and management of personal storage for employees, students and guests.  From corporate to hospitality and every sector in between, Digilock is the preferred choice of designers, architects, facilities managers and gym and spa operators.