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Digilock Next Cue Keypad
Digilock Next Cue Keypad

Digilock Next Cue Keypad

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Digilock Next Cue RFID
Digilock Next Cue RFID

Digilock Next Cue RFID

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Digilock Next Cue Keypad
Digilock Next Cue Keypad

Digilock Next Cue Keypad

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Cue electronic locks are suitable for virtually any application where budget trumps style and aesthetics.   Ideally suited for staff and student lockers, they help secure personal belongings with ease by eliminating key management problems and enhancing overall user experience, Benefits include reduction in facilities management cost and greater efficiency and control of storage lockers. 

Front Unit
Digilock Cue 5050.png
User Interface
Electronic Keypad | Touch RFID

Cue locks operate with an alphanumeric electronic keypad or touch RFID user interface.  The interface also contains a key slot to operate locks with an ADA compliant User Key.

Battery Powered

4 AA Alkaline Batteries provide typically 128,000 cycles for Keypad and 54,000 cycles for touch RFID.*


*Based on average usage.

Body Style
Finish: Brushed Nickel | Black

Available in brushed nickel or black as standard.  Custom finishes available upon request with MOQ and surcharge.

Format: Standard | Vertical | Horizontal

Available in Standard, Vertical or Horizontal format; with or without Pull Handle.

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Rear Unit
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Digilock Deadbolt.png

Features a 12.7mm (½”) motorised deadbolt for either Shared or Assigned Use functionality


Features a 12.7mm (½”) motorised deadlatch designed for Assigned Use functionality

Digilock Deadlatch.png
Operating Mode
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Shared Use

Designed for day-use lockers, where the user only requires temporary short-term occupancy of the unit, such as spas, gyms, leisure centres and swimming pools, or for lockers used by part-time students or shift and agile workers.


The operation is extremely simple.  The user finds an unoccupied (open) locker and takes possession of the unit by locking it with their credential, which can be a self-selected 4-digit code (PIN) or a compatible RFID token in their possession, such as a room key, membership card or building access control card.  The locker can then be unlocked using the same credential that was used to lock it.


Once the locker becomes vacant, a new user follows exactly the same steps to operate the locker and the user credential of the previous user is deleted and no longer works.


Shared Use operation requires no prior enrolment of the user credential at the lock.

Assigned Use

Assigned Use mode is designed for lockers that are allocated for the exclusive use of an individual or group on a semi-permanent basis, such as a rental locker in a members club or a student locker in a school where the user needs to leave personal effects in their allocated locker in between visits.


Assigned Use requires the user to enrol their credential (PIN or RFID token) at their allocated locker with the assistance of a facility administrator.  Once the user’s credential is programmed in the lock, the unit becomes dedicated to that individual and will only operate with their credential for the duration of occupancy – membership or rental period, trimester, etc.  At the end of occupancy, the enrolment process needs to be repeated for the new occupant and the previous occupant’s credential is deleted in the process and will no longer work.


If the installed lock case (rear unit) is a deadlatch model, then the user need only use their credential to unlock the door.  The deadlatch will automatically lock when the door is closed shut.


If the installed lock case is a deadbolt model, then the user needs to utilise their credential to both unlock and to lock the door.

Key Management
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Patented electronic keys offer simple and credible standalone management of your Digilock system whilst increasing productivity and reducing operating cost.  The keys provide numerous functions:

  • External auxiliary power

  • Programming functions

  • Lock override

  • Audit trail

  • User key (ADA compliant)

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Lock Management
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Axis locks have an option to program and manage the locks through a mobile device.  The mobile app allows simplified programming, management and audit trail of your Digilock system.*

*Not supported by all models.

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Axis Support
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