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Axis electronic locks are ideally suited for use on locker, cabinet and furniture doors.  Its style and aesthetics compliment and enhance the appearance of any furniture, be it in a corporate, healthcare, leisure or hospitality application.


Axis locks help secure data, equipment, stock or personal belongings with ease by eliminating the need for key management.  Its user-friendly operation will enhance overall user experience and simplify storage management.  Benefits include cost reduction in facilities management and greater efficiency and control of storage units.


Available in different formats and finishes with either a digital keypad or RFID user interface, Axis locks can satisfy virtually any application, e.g. gym or spa locker lock, office furniture lock, storage cabinet lock, etc.  Axis is suitable for use on all types of doors – wood, metal, composite, glass, etc.


Axis locks are part of the NextLock range from Digilock.

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